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Spotlight on: Local work

A focus on the local work of our 61 member citizens advice bureaux, delivering essential advice and information services in locations all over Scotland from the outer isles to our city centres.


  1. 16 Nov 2016

    Research by Stirling CAB found that national assistance funerals, carried out by local authorities when no family can be traced for the deceased or the family are unable to make funeral arrangements, have increased by 24% in Scotland in the past four years. The report, Unmarked - National Assistance Funerals and the Consequences of Funeral Poverty, has been published today.

  2. 10 Nov 2016

    Concerned at headlines in the media about the impact of cuts to legal aid budgets and the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees in 2013 – volunteers at Stirling CAB decided to investigate how citizens in Stirling had been affected by comparing local evidence with national trends.

  3. 30 Mar 2016

    Social policy researchers from Perth and Stirling bureaux have published a report following a collaborative study of funeral costs in Perth & Kinross and Stirling Districts. The report outlines a mixed method research study which set out to explore the causes of increasing funeral costs locally, to identify weaknesses in existing protocols and support systems pertaining to funerals, and to make recommendations for change.


  1. A discussion paper
    Angus Citizens Advice Bureau

    Publication date: August 2014

    A discussion paper by Angus Citizens Advice Bureau looking at the Department for Work and Pension's "Digital by Default" strategy.  In particular, the paper considers how this works for CAB clients in Angus, many of whom have difficulties with technology.

    The report concludes that if the Government is to meet its target of moving 80% of all benefits claimants online, then it must take a multi-dimensional approach that takes into account the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalised members of our society to ensure that they are not offline and left behind.

  2. Conference report
    Citizens Advice Bureaux in Glasgow

    Publication date: May 2014

    Leading charities gathered in the Glasgow City Chambers for The Working Together to Tackle Poverty Conference in March 2014.

  3. Katey Tabner

    Publication date: May 2014

    Advice in Scotland 2012/13 is Citizens Advice Scotland’s state of the nation report on the problems that people are experiencing across the country. 

  4. JC

    Publication date: February 2013

    A short briefing on the work of the citizens advice service in Scotland.

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