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Consumer Futures Unit Draft Work Plan for 2017-18

The Consumer Futures Unit (CFU) of CAS, the representative body for consumers in the energy, post and water sectors in Scotland, today published its draft Work Plan for 2017-18.

Following the devolution of consumer advocacy powers last year, this is the first time the CFU has published a distinct draft Scottish work plan. Key themes in the plan include: 

  • Energy efficiency and fuel poverty
  • Consumers’ access to postal services
  • Consumers and resilient water supplies
  • Strengthening consumer participation in strategy and policy issues
  • Consumers and climate change
  • Making it easier for consumers to register as vulnerable

Consumers face a period of significant change in many areas, from the impact of new technologies, to new policy and regulation. This brings both opportunity and risk. Further, Scotland’s geography and population distribution pose particular challenges in the energy, post and water sectors. The CFU uses evidence to ensure that consumers’ interests in areas from fuel poverty, to access to postal services, and water quality are addressed by companies, regulators and government. The consumer perspective should be central to successful policy and regulation.

The views of consumers and stakeholders are integral to our planning and we welcome responses to this consultation, which closes on 22nd March.

Publication date
February 2017
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