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  1. 27 Feb 2017

    After hearing from over 500 organisations and individuals about what should be done when Scotland gains new powers over social security benefits – including CAS’ substantial submission based on CAB evidence – the Scottish Government last week gave the clearest indication yet on what they plan to do when they gain control over the benefits, and how the new social security system might look. This includes new details about the shape of the new system as well as announcements on issues that CAB clients and advisers told us are top priorities for change.

  2. 23 Feb 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland’s Consumer Futures Unit is holding a conference on Water Direct, a scheme used by local authorities to collect water and sewerage debt and current charges, on 24 March in central Edinburgh. The event is for practitioners in revenue collection and debt advice. It will provide delegates with an update on the roll-out of Water Direct across Scotland, what this could mean for local authorities and for those in debt for water and sewerage.

  3. 23 Feb 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the Scottish Government’s statement on the newly devolved Social Security system.

  4. 20 Feb 2017

    The Consumer Futures Unit at Citizens Advice Scotland is hosting its fourth non-domestic water market event on
    28 February 2017, 10am - 2pm (lunch provided), at the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton in Edinburgh.

  5. 13 Feb 2017

    On Wednesday 8th February, Frank Mosson, manager of Bridgeton Citizens Advice Bureaux gave evidence to the Scottish Affairs Committee in Westminster on the proposed Glasgow Jobcentre closures.

  6. 10 Feb 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has responded to the news that Scottish Power is to increase its fuel bills.

  7. 10 Feb 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland has welcomed the publication of the Scottish Government’s Child Poverty Bill, but has called on the government to set specific and achievable targets.

  8. 7 Feb 2017

    The Consumer Futures Unit has welcomed the news that the energy regulator Ofgem is to impose a temporary cap on prepayment energy meters. 

  9. 7 Feb 2017

    The Extra Help Unit - based in the CAS Glasgow office – always perform well on satisfaction surveys of the people they help, but this year they’re celebrating their highest ever results.

  10. 7 Feb 2017

    Two new reports have been published today - Advice in Scotland 2015-16, and Edition 4 of the 'Who Are You?' series looking at CAB client profiles.

  11. 3 Feb 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has responded to the news that Npower is to increase its fuel bills.

  12. 1 Feb 2017

    From 1 February 2017 a parent of a child under school age who has not yet started school, can ask their education authority to assess the demand for Gaelic medium primary education (GMPE) in the area. Gaelic medium education is where Gaelic is used as the medium for teaching the language, rather than English.

  13. 30 Jan 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland has received the green light from its members to implement a package of measures designed to modernise its governance arrangements, and which bring CAS into line with recognised best practice.

  14. 26 Jan 2017

    Citizens Advice Scotland has said the UK government's announcement of more Jobcentre closures will hurt low-income families.

  15. 24 Jan 2017

    The Consumer Futures Unit of Citizens Advice Scotland has today welcomed the Scottish Government’s new draft Energy Strategy, with its proposals for achieving affordable warmth and improving energy efficiency, and said it is essential that the needs of consumers are at the heart of new proposals.

  16. 23 Jan 2017

    Worried about your finances? Know your debts are piling up but not sure where to start? You don’t have to tackle them alone: the Citizens Advice service can help.

  17. 20 Jan 2017

    New laws about publicly owned assets come into force from 23 January 2017. From this date a properly constituted community group has the right to apply to a public body to request a transfer of any land or buildings that it owns. This right comes from part 5 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

  18. 19 Jan 2017

    The Consumer Futures Unit of Citizens Advice Scotland has today welcomed the vision for a low carbon Scotland contained within the Scottish Government’s third draft Climate Change Plan, but states that consumers must be at the heart of the proposals and policies if it is to be achieved.  

  19. 18 Jan 2017

    The CFU has published a research report, SMEs awareness and experience of the water market in Scotland, prepared for the CFU by BMG Research.

    The Research report focused on areas such as SMEs awareness of competition in the market, and their experience of switching between licensed providers. It also considered ways in which the market could be improved.

  20. 18 Jan 2017

    As part of the funding to support bureaux in mitigating the impact of social security changes, we have worked with bureaux and commissioned research to understand the drivers of successful partnerships.   This is an invitation to attend a workshop that explores this in more detail.


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